Here are the complete contact details of Uttarakhand Disaster Management that can be useful to get in touch with Disaster control, relief and rescue operations for disasters like just happened Flood Tragedy (Jund 16-18).

Helpline numbers

  • Telephone: 0135-2717300
  • Mobile: 9411112985

Uttarakhand Disaster Management Email ID

The Disaster Management in Uttarakhand is goverened by Uttarakhand Police. However, there is no separate email ID available for Disaster control. You may email Uttarakhand Police directly for related queries at

Note: Since the Department of Disaster Management is regulated by Uttarakhand police itself, the address of both the entities are same. See Uttarakhand Police Address here.

Uttarakhand Disaster Management Website

Visit Uttarakhand Police website where you can track the updates and lists of people saved in the rescue operations and the current situations of the rescue. We’ll add more helpful links here and at our Facebook and Google+ pages, stay tuned.