Here is the complete and updated list of the Cabinet Ministers of the state of Nagaland, situated in India (East). List carries the name of the ministers along with their portfolio / areas of operating.

  1. T.R. Zeliang
    Chief Minister of Nagaland, Finance, Personnel, Administrative Reforms
  2. Kiyanilie Peseyie
    Social Welfare, Parliamentary Affairs
  3. Yanthungo Patton
  4. Tokheho Yepthomi
  5. Kipili Sangtam
  6. Nuklutoshi
    Mechanical, NH
  7. Dr. Niekiesalie Nicky Kire
    Forest, B.A.
  8. C.L. John
    RD, REPA
  9. Paiwang Konyak
    Transport, Civil Aviation, Information Technology
  10. Yitachu
    School Education, SCERT
  11. Y. Vikheho Swu
    Roads & Bridges