If you follow Kaalchakra the astrology show that airs on News24 from 9 to 10 every morning, you must know Pandit Suresh Pandey, the astrologer featured in the show.

Kaalchakra, the show, started last year and got popular in a very short period of time. The guys behind the show have worked hard to make its format interesting and connecting for the viewers.

The latest introduction in the show is about coming up with a different topic in every episode and inviting a caller randomly to have a chat with Pandit Suresh Pandey.

Pt. Suresh Pandey

A bit more about Pt. Suresh Pandey

Pandit ji is a Prashna Kundali specialist from Delhi, India, who got noticed from his show on New24 called Kaalchakra. The show was received well and so did Suresh.

Suresh basically talks and advises about fortune, misfortune, and also suggests solutions (often termed as totka) to the problems that may occur to people in future.

In Indian astrology, it is believed when your stars are at wrong place, they will create problems or misfortunes in future. Suresh tries to help people to get their stars at the correct place.

Contacting Suresh Pandey

Kaalchakra show has started inviting people to contact them to reach out to Pandit ji or offer suggestions for improvement. You may type them an email, or even send letters on their postal address mentioning your questions and suggestions.

In case you have some queries and questions to ask about astrology, and are looking to contact Suresh Pandey, here are the complete contact details of Pandit ji, that may help you get the task done.