According to the Indian or Hindu Calendar, the month of March 2014 is 1935 – 1936 Phagun – Chaitra (१९३५ – १९३६ फागुन – चैत्र). The month is special for Hindus in two ways – first it’s Holi, the festival of colors; secondly the Hindu New year falling in the month.

Besides, we have a few more social, cultural and religious events in March, lets take a look at the mashup.

March 2014 – Summary of important events

Religious events

The month starts with Masic Vinayaka Chaturthi on the 4th day, later followed by Holi on 16th & 17th and Hindu New year on 31st, also celebrated with different names across the country. Some of the other names of Hindu New year are Gudi Padwa (गुढी पाडवा) in Maharashtra, Vaisakhi (ਵੈਸਾਘੀ) in Punjab, and Chaitra Pratipada (चैत्र प्रतिपाद) in different states of central and northern India.

International events

8th of March is celebrated as the International Women’s day, and it’s the only important social day in March.

March 04, 2014TuesdayMasik Vinayaka Chaturthi
March 08, 2014SaturdayInternational Women’s Day
March 13, 2014ThursdayPradosha Vrat
March 16, 2014SundayHoli (Holika Dahan / होलिका दहन)
March 17, 2014MondayHoli (Dhulendi / धुलेंडी)
March 28, 2014FridayPradosha Vrat
March 31, 2014MondayHindi New Year, Gudi Padwa