Just a thought of a huge venomous snake can give you thrills, and if you face something like that in real world, you would undoubtedly pick a different way.

Its true that movies and fiction have always exaggerated snakes, but there exist some snakes that meet all the requirement to be called as the dangerous and the deadliest. And King Cobra tops that.

Connection between snakes and India

Well, the world’s longest venomous snake King Cobra is found in India in abundance (including some Southeast Asian countries). Its one of the deadliest snakes on earth.

Snakes are also treated as religious symbols in Hinduism. Cobra is special among Hindus as it can be seen coiled around the neck of Hindu god Shiva in the religious depictions. King Cobra, being little different, lies in the same class as Indian Cobra do.

King Cobra: Aesthetics

The terrifying fact is that a King Cobra can measure up to 19 ft. or 5.5 meters in length. It can inject greater amount of venom into prey’s body than any other snake. It has 11 large chevron scales on the crown of its head, for which it is called the King. Their coloring varies greatly from region to region.

14' King Cobra found in India
You might have watched King Cobra standing in the defensive stance, its almost on the tail perpendicular to the ground level. Ray Hunter with a 12′ Cobra standing tall.

King cobras are shy. They rarely attack humans, but one bite contains enough venom to bring down 20 humans or an elephant. All of its capabilities and aesthetics make this snake more dangerous and deadly.

Where King Cobras can be seen?

King cobras live mainly in the rain forests and plains of southeast Asia, generally in India and southern China. Cobras are comfortable on land as well as in water, and they feed mainly on other venomous-nonvenomous snakes, lizards, eggs, and other small mammals.

Biggest King Cobras on earth

Bill Haast, the great snake venom specialist, claimed the encounter with a 35-feet long King Cobra in 1960s. There have been many such talks about several feet long Cobras, but world do not considers those claims as facts due to the lack photographs and other important information.

Still, here is a photo gallery of some known biggest, longest King Cobras ever found on Earth, most the pics below are from Southeast India.

So, those were some really fearsome snakes, but if you keep the fear aside, you can observe the beauty that god has provided to this creature. Make sure to be on the safer side when around snakes, and always consider not to kill animals for fun, feast or revenge. You must call a Snake catcher in extreme conditions.

Wrapping it up, there are many huge Cobra snakes that Herpetologist, specialists, and catchers have found so far in the same category, but we are not available with the photographs of those.

If you have a photo of a great King Cobra, please share it with us along with the information including its length, location, and date when photographed. We will publish it right here with proper credits.