Hindi is the national language of India and almost every dialect across the country has a flavour of Hindi. This amazing language also have some interesting quotes and proverbs that are quite popular among Hindi speaking people and those who belong to Indian subcontinent.

We’ve collected some of these popular quotes and proverbs in Hindi and compiled a list of them. The list contains the quote or proverb in Hindi, Hinglish, English and it’s meaning in simple English.

बंदर क्या जाने अदरक का स्वाद
Hinglish: Bandar kya jaane adark ka swaad
English: What does a monkey know of the taste of ginger?
Meaning: someone who can’t understand can’t appreciate.

दूर के ढोल सुहावने
Hinglish: Door ke dhol suhavane
English: The drums sound better at a distance
Meaning: We tend to like the ones we don’t have

घर की मुर्गी दाल बराबर
Hinglish: Ghar ki murgi, dal barabar
Meaning: Self possessions are always undermined and other’s possessions seem better.

घर का भेदी लंका ढाए
Hinglish: Ghar ka bhedi, lanka dhayey.
Meaning: It is the insider who is dangerous and leaks secretive information to help out your enemies

पानी में रहकर मगर से बैर
Hinglish: Paani me rahkar magar se bair
EnglishLiving in water and being an enemy of the crocodile is not good.
English Equivalent: You can’t live in Rome and fight with Pope.

जो गरजते हैं वो बरसते नहीं
Hinglish: Jo Garazte hain, wo baraste nahi
English: Those who make the most threats seldom do anything

जितनी चादर उतने ही पैर पसारो
Hinglish: Jitni chaadar utne hi pair pasaaro
English: Stretch your legs only till the size of your Counter pan.
Meaning: Limit your Spending To your Earnings

सौ सुनार की, एक लोहार की
Hinglish: Sau Sunaar ki, ek lohar ki
English: A single blow of a blacksmith is equal to a hundred blows of a goldsmith.
Meaning: Generally used to demonstrate the power of a strong person to a weak one.

जान है तो जहान है
Hinglish: Jaan hai to jahan hai
English: (If) there’s life, then there’s the world.
Meaning: Only if you are alive, things matter.

जंगल में मोर नाचा किस ने देखा?
Hinglish: Jungle me mor naacha kisne dekha
English: Who saw a peacock dance in the woods?
Meaning: Even a very good thing will have to be made public, to be acclaimed by people.

जिस की लाठी उस की भैंस
Hinglish: Jiski laathi uski bhains
English: Whoever owns the lathi (a huge cane / stick) eventually owns the buffalo.
Meaning: Might is right.

घर का भेदी लंका ढाये
Hinglish: Ghar ka bhedi lanka dhaye
English: The insider who knows all the secrets can bring down Lanka (a very prosperous city in Hindu mythology)
Meaning: Beware of the insider, for he can bring down the biggest setup (because of his insider knowledge).

अब पछताए क्या होत जब चिड़िया चुग गई खेत
Hinglish: Ab pachhtaye kya hot jab chidiya chug gayi khet
English: What is the use of crying when the birds ate the whole farm?
Meaning: There is no use crying over something that has already finished/happened.

नौ सौ चूहे खाके बिल्ली हज को चली
Hinglish: Nau sau choohe khake billi haz ko chali
English: After eating 900 hundred rats, the cat goes to Hajj.
Meaning: After committing many serious crimes showing a Saintly behavior or displaying fake goodness.

हाध कंगन को आरसी क्या
Hinglish: Haath Kangan Ko Aarsi Kya
Meaning: What is visible doesn’t need evidence.

राई का पहाड़ मत बनाओ
Hinglish: Raai ka pahad mat banao
Meaning:Don’t make the mountain out of the molehill.

अधजल गगरी छलकत जाय
Hinglish: adhajal gagri chhalakat jaaye
English: Half-filled pots splash more.
Meaning: those with little knowledge keep showing it. those who know all are calm/silent.
English equivalent: Empty vessels makes most noise.

अन्धों में काना राजा
Hinglish: andhon mem kana raja
English: a one-eyed man is king amongst blind men.
English equivalent: in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

अंत भला तो सब भला
Hinglish: Ant Bhala to sab Bhala
English: if the end is good, everything is good.
English equivalent: all’s well that ends well.

हाथों की लकीरों पर बराबर विश्वास नही करना चाहिए क्योंकि तक़दीर तो उनकी भी होती है जिनके हाथ नही होते
Hinglish: hathon ki lakiron par barabar vishvas nahi karna cahiye kyonki takkdir to unki bhi hoti hai jinake hath nahi hote
English: Your future does not depend on the lines of your hands, because people who do not have hands also have a future.
Meaning: it is better to do your work than to be superstitious and wait for the right time.

जब लक्ष्मी तिलक करती हो, तब मुंह धोने नहीं जाना चाहिए
Hinglish: Jab Lakshmi tilak karti ho, tab muh dhone nahi jana chahiye
English: When Lakshmi is doing tilaka, do not go to wash your face.
Meaning: When opportunity is at your door step, just grab it, or else you are going to lose the opportunity.

शक का इलाज तो हकीम लुक़्मान के पास भी नहीं था
Hinglish: Shak ka ilaaj to hakeem Luqmaan ke paas bhi nahi tha
English: Famous ancient doctor Luqmaan was not able to cure stupid thought.
Meaning: Doubt has no cure.

एक म्यान में दो तलवारें नहीं समातीं
Hinglish: Ek myan me do talavarein nahin samaati
English: Two swords do not fit into one scabbard.
English Equivalent: Two of a trade seldom agree.

नाच न जाने आंगन टेढ़ा
Hinglish: Naach na jane angan tedha
English: One who knows no dance claims that the stage is tilted.
Meaning: Said of a person without skill who blames his failure on other things.
English equivalent: A bad workman blames his tools.

घर की मुर्गी दाल बराबर
Hinglish: Ghar ki murgi dal barabar
Meaning: Self possessions are always undermined and other’s possessions seem better.

तुम जियो हजारों साल, साल के दिन हो पचास हजार
Hinglish: Tum jiyo hajaron saal, saal ke din ho pachaas hajar
English: May you live a thousand years and may each year have a fifty thousand days.
Meaning: May you live a long life.

थोथा चना बाजे घना
Hinglish: Thotha chana baje ghana
Meaning: An empty vessel makes much noise, a person with lesser knowledge talks a lot.

लातों के भूत बातों से नहीं मानते!
Hinglish: Laton ke bhoot baaton se nahin maante!
Meaning: A person who can only understand the language of beatings cannot be counselled by words.

जैसे को तैसा!
Hinglish: Jaise ko taisa!
English equivalent: Tit for tat.

अपना वहि जॊ आवे काम्
Hinglish: Apna vahi jo aave kaam
Meaning: He is yours who helps you.
English equivalent: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

दान की बछिया के दांत नहीं गिने जाते
Hinglish: Daan ki bachhiya ke daant nahi gine jaate
Meaning: You cannot assess something got as donation
English equivalent: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

आप हारे और बहू कॊ मारे
ap hare aur bahU ko mare
Meaning: to take out ones frustration on someone else.

आ बैल मुझे मार
aa bael mujhe mar
English: inviting the bull to hit you
Meaning: to get yourself into trouble, usually used to describe an act of stupidity.

आया है सॊ जायेगा, राजा रंक फकीर
Hinglish: aaya hai so jayega raja runk phakira
Meaning:Whoever is born will die, be it a king or a beggar.

इस हाथ दे उस हाथ ले
is hath de us hath le
Meaning: to make an even deal.

ऊंट कि मूह् मे जीरा
Hinglish: unt ke muh me jira
English: Cumin in a camel’s mouth
Meaning: Used to refer to something insufficient in quantity.

ना उधॊ कॊ देना ना माधॊ से लेना
Hinglish: na udho ko dena na maadho se lena
Meaning: to be disinterested in any matters

एक और एक ग्यारह हॊते है
Hinglish: ek aur ek gyarah hote hei
English: One and one make eleven
Meaning: Unity is strength.

किये धरे पे गू का लीपा
Hinglish: kiye dhare pe goo kaa leepaa
English: flush gold down the toilet
Meaning: to spoil something created with great efforts (usually by an over-enthusiastic creator)

उल्टा चोर कोतवाल को डांटे
Hinglish: ulta chor kotval ko daten
English One who makes the error has no right to blame someone else
English Equivalent:The pot is calling the kettle black.

सीधी उंगली से घी नहीं निकलता
sidi ungali se ghee nahi nikale to ungali tedhi karni padti hai
English equivalent: By hook or by crook.
Meaning: to solve a problem by any means.

जो दूसरों के लिए गड्ढा खोदता है, भगवान उनके लिए खाई खोदता है
Hinglish: jo doosroon Ke Liye Gaddha khodta Hai, Bhagwan Uske Liye Khai Khodta Hai
English equivalent: as you sow, so shall you reap

अंधों की दुनिया में आईना बेचना
Hinglish: andhon ki duniya mein aayina bechna
English: sell mirrors(spectacles) in the world of blind people
Meaning: doing the wrong thing according to time

जिनके घर शीशे के होते हैं, वे दूसरों पर पत्थर नहीं फ़ेंका करते
Hinglish: jin ke ghar sheshe ke hote hain wo dusro par pather phenka nahi karte.
English: those whose houses are made of glass / have windows do not throw stones at others

आमदनी अठन्नी और खर्चा रुपैया
Hinglish: amdani attani aur karcha rupaiya.
English:Champagne tastes, beer wages ”
income is half rupee and expenses are a full rupee

काला अक्षर भैंस बराबर
Hinglish: kala akshar bhains baraabar
English: black letters are equal to a water buffalo

पुरानी आदत मुशकिल से मरती है
Hinglish: purane aadhath mushkil se marthi hai
Meaning: old habits are hard to change

अंधेरे में तीर चलाना
Hinglish: Andhere mein teer chodna
Meaning: Doing something without thinking