Monsoon is full on at the moment across all over the country, chiefly in the north and the central region. Due to heavy rainfall, waters flowing across Haryana towards Delhi in the Yamuna river has been brutal as seen in the past few days.

The Yamuna was flowing over the danger mark lately, due to the release of huge amounts of water from Hathni Kund, Haryana towards Delhi. The amount of water released is said to be equalling about 1,80,000 cusec and 1,00,000 cusec respectively, released twice to avoid the situation of flood in the state of Haryana.

Here are some clicks from the different sources capturing the sight of some areas suffering from flood or flood-like condition within the states of Delhi and Haryana.

In case someone you know has plans to travel within any of these two states, please make it sure to warn them beforehand about the worse climatic conditions, due to which the transportation will also be disturbed in some days to come.

Share it with the residents of the states and you can send us more details and images on our Facebook page. Stay safe, god bless you all.