This article is for those in-service teachers and students who want to make teaching their full-time profession in future. We are going to talk about D.El.Ed programme today, which every teaching aspirant should know about.

What is D.El.Ed?

It expands as Diploma in Elementary Education, which is program specially designed for in-service untrained teachers working in primary or upper-primary schools in the different parts of the country.

The programme has been developed by the Academic Department, NIOS – as an initiative by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) keeping in mind the NCF 2005, RTE 2009, and NCFTE 2010.

The programme aims at enabling the target group to develop skills, competency, attitude, and understanding to make their teaching and learning abilities sound and effective.

Few months back, the programme was in news that it has become mandatory for teaching aspirants to pass it out. It is in news again now, claiming that D.El.Ed will be discontinued and something new will be introduced extending TET.

D.El.Ed has a semester-wise syllabus pattern, and you’ll have to submit assignments and appear in exams every semester. The course actually made many trainees a bit stressed-up about making notes and study material.

What books are best for D.El.Ed?

Before that, let’s discuss why you should get study material and sample assignments for D.El.Ed. The answer is that note making is fine at one place and it gives you an advantage of what you write on paper you remember it better.

With that being said, getting your study material from online sources and then getting it printed will also be a smart choice. Further, you can practice reading from those notes and make your personal notes based on your study.

As they say, scoring good requires good study material. So, what books are the best to get for D.El.Ed? Are they expensive? (No) Here’s our insight.

  1. NIOS DELED-501 Elementary Education In India

    Deled Elementary Education

    For the very first subject of the programme, this book covers a lot about the Elementary Education and also gives you a solved question paper of the year 2017. It’s price is Rs. 245.

    View this book

  2. NIOS DELED-502 Pedagogic Processes In Elementary Schools

    Deled Pedagogic Processes

    Pedagogic is an old term for teaching. The book covers different processes of teaching at the elementary level, and also gives you a solved question paper from the last year. The price for this book is again Rs. 245.

    View this book

  3. NIOS DELED-503 Learning Languages At Elementary Level

    Deled Learning Languages

    For subject 503, i.e. Learning Languages, you have this nice book by Straight Forward that comes with a solved paper of last year. It will cost you Rs. 245.

    View this book

  4. NIOS DELED-504 Learning Mathematics At Elementary Level

    Deled Mathematics

    This books for Elementary Mathematics not just covers the basics, but also comes with last year’s solved question paper. The book is authored by Straight Forward again and is available just under Rs. 250 at Amazon India.

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  5. NIOS DELED-505 Learning Environmental Studies At Primary Level

    Deled Environmental Studies

    Another one by SF, this one goes for subject 505, i.e. Learning Environmental Studies. Covers the last year’s solved question paper as well, and it’s one copy costs Rs. 245.

    View this book

  6. D.El.Ed. 501, 502, 503, 504, 505 Paperback – 2017 COMBO

    Deled Study Material Combo

    In case you are looking to buy study material for all five subjects in budget, this one is the best buy.

    Authored by GPH Panel of Experts aka Gullybaba, this one is a combo pack of all five subjects you study in the D.El.Ed programme. You receive a total of five books covering all five different subjects. It is available for a little less than Rs. 500 (~480).

    View this COMBO

And that wraps it up. In case you think there are better books which can be featured in the list above, let us know about them through your comments. We’ll keep you posted on news about D.El.Ed, it’s future and other important news about and around the same. In the meanwhile, consider sharing this to someone who is about step into the D.El.Ed thing. Cheers and all the very best!