If you are preparing for B. Ed exams and are looking for an old question paper to practice, this post is just for you. Following is the question paper of B. Ed 4th Semester Examination from the year 2018, containing the real question paper format as is.

New Syllabus
Common for Regular/IInd year ICDEOL Students

Time: 1.5 hours. Max. Marks: 40

The candidates shall limit their answers precisely within the answer-book (40 pages) issued to them and no supplementary/continuation sheet will be issued.

Note: Section-A is compulsory. Answer to short answer type questions should be completed in around 100 words each. Attempt one question each from Section-B and Section-C.

Section-A Compulsory Question

1. Explain the following in about 100 words:
(a) Types of disability according to PWD Act,1995.
(b) Concept of Resource Room in Inclusive school.
(c) Barrier free environment in school.
(d) Differentiate between Formative and Diagnostic assessment.


2. (a) Discuss the types of Visual impairment and it’s characteristics.
(b) Discuss the concept of Resource Room. What are materials needed for the Resource room?


3. (a) What is Inclusive Education? Discuss it’s need and scope.
(b) Discuss the 3D model of inclusion.


4. (a) What is Collaborative learning? How is it useful for the disabled?
(b) Write the role of teachers in evolving inclusive practices.


5. What is Curriculum adaptation ? What are the different approaches for the curriculum adaptation for the disabled?


Hoping that it was useful for you, please share it forward with others as well. All the best for your exam.