List of all Ministers of India 2012-2013

In place of providing a single list of all Ministers of India, this document has a compilation of lists of the Ministers of several states and union territories in India. Use the below given links to see the list of ministers of a particular state, territory, union or assembly:

  1. Updated List of Indian Cabinet Ministers – Ministers in Cabinet of India or Union Council of Ministers in India
  2. List of Kerala Cabinet Ministers
  3. List of Karnataka Cabinet Ministers
  4. List of Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Ministers
  5. List of Delhi Cabinet Ministers
  6. List of Maharashtra Cabinet Ministers
  7. List of Uttarakhand Cabinet Ministers
  8. List of West Bengal Cabinet Ministers
  9. List of Odisha Cabinet Ministers
  10. List of Rajasthan Cabinet Ministers
  11. List of Haryana Cabinet Ministers
  12. List of Bihar Cabinet Ministers
  13. List of Jharkhand Cabinet Ministers
  14. List of Punjab Cabinet Ministers
  15. List of Madhya Pradesh Cabinet Ministers
  16. List of Tamil Nadu Cabinet Ministers

More lists coming soon…